E-Commerce Toolbox

Drive your sales online with our flexible & customizable e-commerce toolbox.

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Product listings

Create and manage product listings on the go, and generate skus, QR codes and customizable permalinks in only a few clicks. You can also manage and optimize your taxonomy and tagging, expand search capabilities and much more.


Charcoal’s powerful tagging and metadata system allows you to create customized products to meet any online store’s needs. Take advantage of the powerful, block-based content editing tools and create stunning product displays on the web.


Cart and wishlists

Use Charcoal to build an easy-to-use and streamlined checkout process, manage promotion codes and rebates, and allow wishlists and other promotional, conversion-oriented features. In the back-end, Charcoal can also provide sales reports, abandoned cart management, newsletter options and more. In addition to Charcoal’s built-in cart system, close interoperability with Snipcart is available for simpler eCommerce websites. This cloud-based solution’s versatility is trusted and well-integrated within the eCommerce system.

An enhanced experience
If you’d like to take your online sales to the next level or need a specific approach to sell your goods or services online, our team can build the store you need.
Payment processing


Payment processing

Charcoal eCommerce integrates with world-class secure payment processing providers and shipping options through easy, seamless third-party implementation. It integrates with most payment gateways and shipping calculators such as FedEx, UPS and Canada Post.


Get order status reports and tracking, batch exports and sales reports on demand with our fully customizable order management feature. Connect with ERP solutions for real-time inventory tracking and data synchronization.