Data & API Integration

Manage incoming and outgoing data with our flexible, open API framework.

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Connecting data & APIs

Based on open API and open data principles, Charcoal’s lean approach makes it a snap to plug services in any part or layer of your application stack. Interacting with third party APIs, cloud apps or micro-services is a reality for almost all modern web projects.


Custom data visualization

Where there’s data, there’s visualization. For every installation where there’s data, Charcoal offers meaningful displays and interactive graphs and charts. There’s always a way to see your data from the control panel (administrative interface), whether in a graph, table, chart, or other data visualization method, and this visualization can export to PDF.

“Charcoal allowed us to centralize our tour schedules, our custom booking system, our sales reports and all our content under one single platform.”

Chris Horsey
The English Bus

Import / export capabilities


Import / export capabilities

Open data philosophy means we play nice with other software and offer possibilities of having data in any format (standard or not standard), so you can migrate your data in and out of the Charcoal ecosystem. Charcoal comes with its own array of report and visualization tools, but sometimes you just need the raw data to import into a specialized software. 


For example, if the Charcoal interface is not enough to run a more powerful data analysis, we can export that data into other specialized data visualization software (as simple as Microsoft Excel). And by the way, the same is true the other way around, we can import data, too.

API provider


API provider

To extend the usefulness of a website and become a real interoperable application, every object or model created in Charcoal can easily be consumed as a REST web service. The tools we build provide easy data validation, easy error handling, and independent presentation layer, to create a meaningful OpenAPI 3.0-based web service.