Content Management

Enhance your digital growth with our comprehensive content management system.

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Enhance your digital growth
Enhance your digital growth by unlocking all your brand’s capabilities online.


Multifunctional page builder

Elevate your website content with our multifunctional page builder. Create rich content pages with different types of media support by using pre-formatted tools: user-friendly functions, drag and drop, reordering, assets management, automatic resizing and much more.


Block-based content allows content administrators to add rhythm and flow to their web pages. It provides a wide array of options to easily publish rich content pages, and optimize for all devices: cell phones, big screens, desktops and tablets, to help you deliver great storytelling.


Easy forms and surveys

Engage with your audience (and reach those conversion goals) through meaningful interactions with our easy forms and surveys tool. Create customized funnels and manage your leads in real-time, no matter the size of your website, campaign or initiative. Charcoal helps streamline the process of managing, storing and securing user data, sending confirmations and connecting with third-party tools, if required.

"Thanks to the Charcoal platform’s flexibility, we can constantly evolve our website."

Karine Hammarrenger
PBSC Urban Solutions

"Charcoal is very simple to use, reliable, and was able to be adapted to support our unique linguistic constraints."

Stéphanie Boisvert
Air Inuit


Digital file manager

Our secure digital file manager does it all. It lets you store, manage, protect and share files to your private or public users. Connect specific files to any content pages of your Charcoal ecosystem and easily track usage (such as most searched files, downloads and more).

Whether you want to host your files on the cloud, locally on your server, public to the internet or not, Charcoal has you covered. Media file compression can be  automatically adjusted, and document files can be fully indexed and searched.


Custom toolbox

Charcoal’s core foundation is to open the door to unlimited development possibilities. The only limit is your imagination. You can build anything from scratch, or work with our proven toolbox to customize a unique experience for a project: GPS tracking, interactive maps, calendars and job listings, to name a few.


By starting from the project’s specific needs instead of technical capabilities of a given toolbox, everything suddenly becomes possible. The Charcoal framework wants to be as lean as possible so it’s easy and unobtrusive for developers to add custom functionalities and tools.


SEO builder

Built for humans and understood by robots, our SEO builder is implemented into the semantic core of Charcoal CMS to focus on what matters most. Create and implement your SEO strategy in a few clicks using built-in features: metadata, microdata, URL management, sitemap generator, website tracking or any custom features on-demand.


Charcoal makes handling the technical stuff a breeze, so you can put all your efforts into creating great SEO content that’s engaging to read and human-friendly, yet also optimized for search engines and social sharing.